We tell you Cagliari

Cagliari, capital of the Metropolitan City of the same name, has an ancient history rooted even in legend, according to ancient writings from Roman times. A very important center for the development of island society already during prehistoric times, it overlooks exactly the center of the Gulf of Angels and enjoys the most pristine waters of the entire southern coast of Sardinia. The landscape of the locality is very varied because of its particular structure, which rests on seven limestone hills, giving rise to depressions and descents that allow for a varied landscape between mountains and sea and that has given rise, over time, to the creation of particular inlets and docks, such as the Sella del Diavolo (Devil’s Saddle) or the Stagno di Cagliari (Cagliari Pond).

Beaches in Cagliari

Among Cagliari’s typical beaches, the most famous is definitely Poetto. More than 8 kilometers long, it starts from the promontory of Sella del Diavolo and stretches to the town of Quartu Sant’Elena and is characterized by the presence of an unspoiled landscape full of relaxation to which alternates, especially during the high summer season, a tight nightlife, full of bars and discos. On the opposite side, rise Calamosca Beach and Cala Fighera Beach. The former is a historic place, near which the remains of an ancient lighthouse used in ancient times are still visible: with deep seabed and sand bank, this beach is perfect for all diving lovers. Cala Fighera, on the other hand, is composed only of white, stratified sandstone, from whose ledges it is possible to dive into the crystal-clear sea if you are experienced or daring enough. Because of their conformation, both coves are particularly quiet and it is difficult to find confusion.

Particular mention must also go to Cala Regina Beach, which is perfect for spearfishing given the seabed full of fauna; Mari Pintau Beach, which is characterized by the picturesque colors of its multicolored waters; and Porto Giunco Beach, in Villasimius, near which the Notteri Pond is open to the public, where it is possible to go birdwatching to observe splendid specimens of the Pink Flamingo, provided you have a lot of patience. Before leaving, you should not forget to make a stop at the Tueredda Beach, in which the colors of the sand and water, turquoise and transparent, make it look like a real Caribbean island, with the possibility of taking a relaxing swim in the refreshing Tyrrhenian Sea until you reach the islet of Tueredda, from which you can enjoy the view of the open sea of the Gulf of Cagliari. These sets of beaches are just a few kilometers from Cagliari, easily reached by road or using public transportation.

Places of interest in Cagliari

Cagliari is not only the sea, and one cannot say that one has fully experienced it without diving into its history and monuments. It is essential to take a thorough tour of Cagliari’s Historic Center, particularly within the Castello district: along the stroll of the streets is present to feast your eyes, surrounded by architecture with large colorful houses and many squares, from which the historical identity of the city emerges clear and evident.
Near the neighborhood there are several monuments. At the front, in fact, it is possible to glimpse the Bastion of Saint Remy and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, historic religious architecture dating as far back as 1200, built in full Pisan Roman style.

Other interesting destinations within the city of Cagliari are the Roman Amphitheater, which stands just a few meters from the citadel of museums, organized on 4 floors that also houses the exhibition of the Giants of Prama and the Botanical Garden, run by the University of Cagliari inside of which there are particular and rare species of neotropical flora or of Roman origin, arranged along a path full of tables with very detailed information.

House by the sea in Cagliari

To discover the length and breadth of Cagliari, a few days are barely enough: for this reason, renting an apartment in the city is the best way to fully enjoy this place, enjoying it from both a historical, recreational and gastronomic point of view. To appreciate all the attractions this beautiful city has to offer, there is nothing better than devoting yourself to exploring it, discovering both historical and naturalistic monuments, interspersing all activities with a swim at some of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Italy and the World.

For a restorative experience, booking an apartment in Cagliari or a villa among those offered by Sardinia Chic in the surrounding areas is the best way to spend a luxury vacation to remember and pass on to friends and relatives. Experiencing an exclusive vacation near Cagliari is what you deserve after a whole year of work, and there is no better way to do it than to immerse yourself entirely in the relaxation offered by a seaside villa in Sardinia.

Our Villas in Cagliari


Elegant and panoramic apartment located in one of the most exclusive areas of Cagliari, just a few minutes from the sea.

It is ideal for small families, couples or a small group of friends who want to live a unique and chic experience in the city of the sun.


Elegant flat in the colourful San Benedetto district, where you can experience the folklore of its covered market, one of the largest in Europe.

Ideal for a small family or a small group of friends who like to experience the charms of the city as well as the pleasures of the sea.

Domus De Silva

An elegant flat, tastefully furnished in pastel colours reminiscent of the sea and Sardinian traditions.

Ideal for large families who enjoy a holiday with all comforts in Cagliari’s historic centre, discovering its most suggestive secrets and traditions.