We tell you Castiadas

Castiadas, an autonomous municipality in the historical region of Sarrabus-Gerrei, is located along the southeastern coast of Sardinia. It is a town rich in history, which traces its earliest evidence of civilization back to the pre-Nuragic period. In the succession of ages, the area has been more or less densely populated, with alternating periods of prosperity and others of desolation until modern times. Its coastline, about 13 kilometers long, is a delight for visitors’ eyes thanks to the alternation of maritime lowlands overlooking pristine beaches and coves and the mountainous profile of the oasis of the Seven Brothers, a mountainous relief that serves as a backdrop and encloses these spaces of lush nature. In this sense, the resort is the right fit for both mountain lovers and seaside vacationers, who will be given the opportunity to organize their days by exploring valuable nature parks, interspersing excursions with visits to very ancient archaeological sites, or spending time relaxing among the warm and sunny beaches. The variety of possible activities is the spearhead of a place that has so much to offer and is just waiting to be explored far and wide.

Beaches in Castiadas

Castiadas’ beaches include some of the best shorelines in southern Sardinia. Beginning with Cala Sìnzias, more than a kilometer long, it offers all vacationers a strand consisting of golden beach that allows dips in an emerald, shallow sea, as well as a great deal of tranquility thanks to its special location, surrounded to enclosed by rocky headlands. Representing an equally valuable alternative is San Pietro Beach, known as Cala Marina. A beach composed of fine white sand on which to rest your back while sunbathing, washed by a turquoise-colored sea with a shallow seabed, it is perfect for children and inexperienced boaters. Continuing in the exploration of the coast, one encounters Cala Sant’Elmo, a wild and rustic location of medium size to which, however, several tourist attractions are alternated that allow one not to deprive oneself of the nightlife, especially during the night. Lastly, Santa Giusta Beach and Cannisoni Beach are also worth a short visit, especially by those who enjoy tranquility and rocky shores, with the presence of rocks that can be explored by swimming within pristine waters even during the high season.

Places of interest in Castiadas

Taking a break from the seaside resorts, the center of Castiadas has much to offer. Specifically, within the town is the former Castiadas Penal Colony. Built in 1877, it was one of the reasons that brought the island back to population. Inside the complex from fine architecture is a museum that tells the story of the prison, adorned throughout by furnishings typical of the Sardinian tradition of the time. The religious theme is also not lacking in Castiadas. The church of San Basilide, located just across the street from the colony, has the typical features of a rupestrian holy place. Consisting of a single nave, it has a doorway on which the Saint of the same name is depicted in the act of converting to Jesus Christ. Surrounding the church is also a small park that served as an appurtenance to the villa of the director of the former Penal Colony, now filled with games and attractions even for children.

On July 16, the Madonna del Carmine is celebrated in Castidias. For the celebrations, the village lights up with games and attractions that you can visit while strolling along the historic center. During this time, it is possible to take advantage of the many stalls that are set up for the purpose and that offer typical local and folkloric products for sale.

Villas for rent in Castiadas

To get the most out of Castiadas, the best thing to do is to take a long vacation and explore it to the fullest, pulling as much fun out of its shores and mountains as possible. To plan an excellent stay, it’s a good idea to book one of the many beach houses in Castiadas and secure a long stay in one of the many luxury properties offered by Sardinia Chic, so that you can combine a premium experience with a stay of equally high value, away from the drudgery and commitments of work to enjoy moments of well-deserved relaxation.

Our Villas in Castiadas

Villa Vesta

Villa Vesta is surrounded by a vast garden, with Mediterranean plants and ample green space, and a beautiful portico perfect for enjoying meals al fresco or relaxing in the shade of the summer heat.

It is the perfect choice for those wishing to enjoy the natural beauty of the island in a ‘Rural Chic’ environment with all the comforts. The villa offers generous space for large groups and a strategic location for exploring the wonders of the island’s south-east coastline.

Villa Bougainvillea

The luxurious villa, the beautiful garden and the private swimming pool are the setting for an exclusive holiday in beautiful, unspoilt Sardinia.

Ideal for families with children and groups of friends who don’t want to give up anything.

Villa Ulivo

A villa with a strong personality due to its stone structure, but in great taste due to the essential furnishings studied in every detail.

Surrounded by a flourishing garden and equipped with a private swimming pool, it is ideal for families with children and groups of friends who want to enjoy maximum relaxation a stone’s throw from the sea.

Villa Ginestra

A luxurious villa furnished with class and equipped with every comfort, including a beautiful garden and a private swimming pool.

Ideal for families with children and small groups of friends who want to experience the lure of Sardinian tradition reinterpreted in a modern key.

Villa Mandorlo

A comfortable outdoor area with a furnished portico, a beautiful garden and a terrace from which you can admire the sea on the horizon while enjoying an aperitif at sunset, make Villa Mandorlo the villa of your dreams.

Ideal for family holidays, couples and small groups of friends who love tranquillity in an undiscovered Sardinia.

Villa Gelsomino

Spacious terraces from which you can admire the sea on the horizon and an enchanting garden where you can enjoy an aperitif at sunset.

Ideal for large families and groups of friends who love tranquillity and an unspoilt Sardinia.